The artist cafe group (Temporary Title)

The artist cafe group (Temporary Title)

Whats all about

By the initiative of Peter Kraaijms, who was the catalyst, people excited about the ideaof creating an art group and willing to put in some work to make it happen were gathered to meet and bond through art. They wanted to create a supportive group, where members work together to help and encourage one another, so this was emphasized in their mission statement. Simply as that, the Artist café group was created in January 2014.

There is a core group of 15 artists who are attending regularly to plan and there are also some distant members, usually foreigner visitors. Most of the members of the group come from various countries, mainly Europe, and have chosen Mani, Peloponnese, as their home. Some of them stay permanently and others visit for a few months every year.

Artist café group gathering is a vibrant source of inspiration and communication about art and additionally provides the members an excellent setting of information exchange, socialization and artistic activities. The group is significant to each artist in part because these gatherings are a cross-combination of multiple creative minds and ideas and a co-creation of a collective artistic reality and also due to the social richness and networking capacities involved.

The programming during the first year consisted of a weekly artist meeting series every Friday, same time, same place and then every Wednesday was added in the program for outer activities such as painting, writing and enjoying nature. During the second year, Artist Café Group has organically taken on new projects starting with the “Mani Anthology”, a book published on May 2015 and consists of a bouquet of poems, photographs and sketches about Mani, in which many members of the group are participating. The book was the first official public exposure of the group as it was an official introduction of the Artist Group Café and the launching was a big success as many people, locals and foreigners, came to join the party and get to know all about them. For 2015 there is also a painting exhibition planned in the end of September, entitled as “Artists together”.

Filming about the Artist Group Café is so that art lovers everywhere can understand more about what it means to be an artist in Mani. Artist Group Café is a movement!

What we Need

  • Post Production studio. € 1600

What we have so far

  • About 1TB of video files (12 hours video footage)
  • 8 months of filming the artists