Its all τζαζ to me

Whats all about

Sounds are hardly described by words, especially when it comes to Jazz music. Fine musicians mostly from Norway but also from other countries, having their own personal sounds, accompanied by instruments with unique personality and soul, create at the same time a raspy, edgy, rough, smooth, pretty, soulful, warm, dark, light, harsh atmosphere. Under the sound of the saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, bass, drums, guitar and beautiful voices, a visit in the small village of 400 inhabitants in southern Greece is transformed into a spiritual musical life experience. 

The Jazz festival in Kardamyli is a non-profitable, altruistic initiative. This movement glorifies music and encourages people of different cultures to connect and unite in a very special way as the concerts are free of charge for the audience, musicians are playing Jazz pro bono, and the accommodation for them is also provided for free by the local residents. These actions are really dedicated to promoting music and serve culture in the purest way as the purpose is non profitable. 

In addition, regarding Greece’s financial struggle, it should be taken into account that the Jazz festival is significantly important for the local market’s economy.  Such an event attracts visitors from all over Europe and Greece and this is a strong financial boost for the local businesses and additionally an important promo for the wider area, considering that income in Mani comes mostly for tourist business and agriculture. This is an excellent chance of celebrating and sharing the happiness that music brings, as at the same time the local community and economy are highly supported in a very musical way.
Please help us sustain, develop and expand this initiative by investing in this project, so that we can spread this brilliant idea and inspire more people into these kind of actions!

Who we are

Nikos Xanthopoulos, a professional director of photography and me.

What We Need

Help with transcription from English to English
Translations and subtitles from English to Greek and Norwegian, Greek to English
We need € 8500 for....
  • Post Production studio. € 7000
  • Traveling for Festivals. € 1500

What have we spent so far

  • € 1500 Traveling to Norway last September
  • € 1150 for Catering
  • € 250 for Transportation
  • € 1480 for Equipment rental

and more than 1300 working hours

What we have so far

  • First edit cut, presented at 2nd Peloponnese International Documentary Festival and 3rd Kardamili International Jazz Festival
  • About 8TB of video files (70 hours video footage)
  • 36 interviews
  • about 50 jazz concerts on video