In 2010, after many years of professional experience and employment in the business market, media and advertisement as a film director, I decided to quit my job, leave Athens, change my way of living and start fresh. I moved in a very small village in south Peloponnese and started filming for myself and the things that I believe in.

Kyriakos Liarakos - Film directorSo here I am, some years later, in a very creative mood, having two running projects and a screenplay on the go. Using documentary and photography as a vehicle, my aim is to explore passages in the local society through individual happenings, such as artistic workshops and community actions and bring in the surface stories and ideas that have the power to inspire and create a window for another reality that challenges you to experience it. In such difficult times, documenting and presenting a different way of thinking and acting should be regarded as a revolutionary act, as it encourages people in alternative thinking and more creative forms of living.

However, in a world where a lot of things are still dependent on financing, self-funding such kind of projects can be unaffordable. There are times that filming cannot be a one man show or just personal work and time. When it comes to special equipment for production or post production, unfortunately the budget rises high. Your support is necessary to make this initiative sustainable so it is always very welcomed! Please visit Crowdfunding area and order a DVD or have an online viewing of one of my projects.